Tuesday - December 05,2023
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Crisis our health care system

Political struggle continues in the health care system and what will eventually evolve after the actions of the church. The house chose to revoke the health reform bill and to start all initiatives that would target problems in the health care industry with fibin-fiscal-responsible actions. The Senate has so far held a party line and supports the current law. Many countries challenge legal constitutionality and mandates for everyone to buy health care insurance. The constitutionality of this law may be decided at the Supreme Court.

No matter what happens in the next political sight of your health is still in line. The new system will not help you get sick, only you can control your own health.

With a large controversy that goes berserk in the country where our health care system will take it very important that we as individuals begin to take responsibility for our own health. If we do not take personal responsibility for our own health, we may end up relying on a government or personal system that cannot or will not be able to support our specific problems.

The direction of our current congressional leaders is the mandate that 20-30 million people who currently have no health insurance that must be done by law have health insurance or face a fine. Legislation mandates that insurance companies must provide health insurance for those people. At present there is a lack of doctors and the addition of 20-30 million more people must result in the allotment of treatment. Some states that have implemented such laws, such as Massachusetts, have experienced a long wait to get an appointment with a doctor.

As our nation in terrible health. Our young man faces a medical crisis today which often does not appear until middle-aged age. Those who are middle-aged suffer from chronic degenerative diseases that our parents do not have until the next stage of life. Our elderly population suffers from the same degenerative disease including macular degeneration, Alzheimer’s dementia and Parkinson’s disease. Why do we have an obesity epidemic, onset (type 2) diabetes and degenerative diseases? Why can’t we do a better job to prevent disease, not just treat it after being found?

What can we do proactively to ensure that we do the best we can for our body? Does the medical community give us all the facts we need to know? What a true story about how our body works and is there anything we can do to make sure they have the ability to fight and win the war against degenerative diseases?

Our health care system is attacked and may not be able to provide us when we really need it. Too long, we depend on the health care system to tell us through what early detection is sick. What that means is that until we show symptoms of a medical community disease has not been trained to help us. Often the invention is too late and we end up in a health care system treated with solutions designed to cure or cover our disease or make us stay alive while we suffer from disease damage. Isn’t it easier to find a solution to keep us healthy in the first place? Real prevention drugs will focus on prevention of disease not only find it, the concept of novel to reduce tensions in our health care system, help people not get sick. Medical science that appears has found the ins and outs of our body’s immune system and reports that maintaining a strong and healthy immune system significantly reduces the risk of our disease.

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