Wednesday - December 06,2023
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The importance of offline communication in the digital world

Being visible online today is not enough to be successful and achieve business goals. Indeed, in today’s scenario characterized by an overwhelming amount of input and information, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to impress and engage customers.

Although the emphasis is on digital and online communication, offline forms of advertising are making a comeback, albeit using innovative and hi-tech tools such as LED walls.

In practice, from devices such as smartphones and tablets, there is a shift to LED walls and screens that are placed in different contexts, both indoors or outdoors that allow different kinds of information to be displayed, from commercial to institutional communications.

Storytelling: how communications are changed

However, today it is not enough to simply transmit images and videos through screens. Nowadays, effective communication is relying on storytelling, i.e., the ability to tell a story that engages those who follow it, focusing on empathy and enabling the promotion of a brand or product to increase sales.

For some years now, people have been talking about storytelling, especially as a technique for communicating and enhancing both the mission and the vision of a company.

Storytelling is the best way to communicate and engage viewers through evocative images and videos, which is why indoor LED display is widely used as a support for advertising and storytelling.

Offline communication transforms, but continues to exist

The difference between online/offline communication is becoming more and more blurred, and companies that want to achieve their business goals must be careful and quick to follow this trend. LED walls, for example, represent a connecting point between online and offline.

Another sign that communication has changed is the fact that some typical offline elements, such as brochures and flyers, are now available also in digital versions.

It is not so much the communication techniques that have changed over time and adapted to the new scenarios, but rather the tools used, which increasingly aim at a combination of both.

LED screens, for example, are suitable solutions for capturing the attention of passers-by in a square or customers in a shop. Large, high-resolution displays are perfect for engaging and arousing emotions in those who look at them. Today, therefore, communication, especially offline, is increasingly oriented towards entertaining and getting customers to spend more time in stores.

For this reason, a company that wants to gain and maintain a competitive advantage must focus on the right mix of online and offline communication, using new tools.

The key word is to integrate various communication channels and focus on omnichannel marketing strategies.

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