When Comfort Means Productivity

How comfortable is your workplace? When it means more than just keeping the workers happy, but how well they can carry out their tasks and fulfil their duties, you should pay more attention to that question. Office comfort breeds productivity. That’s why it should be your top priority before building your enterprise.

When you build an office, the first thing you must remember is that comfort does not pertain to one aspect only. It has to be full circle. The workplace setup must satisfy your physical and mental needs to likely yield positive results.

The physical aspect

Do not underestimate how a physically uncomfortable workspace could affect your workers’ performance and safety. If you do not invest in even the little things that matter, you may jeopardise your company’s success.

Physical comfort pertains to ergonomic features, sufficient lighting, proper ventilation, etc. Your investment in ergonomically designed desks, chairs, monitor stands, and other features could mean a lot, as much as adequate lighting and efficient office air conditioning do. Imagine if your workers constantly go home with a sore back, strained eyes, and allergies. Will they look forward to returning to the office another day, sitting in front of their desks and working? On the contrary, they will dread it, and that’s the last thing you would want to happen.

The mental aspect

A high-pressure environment and a negative company culture are the things you might want to look into if you want to create a conducive work environment for your employees. They are bad for the health and bad all around for employee retention.

If you want to keep the best of your talents and keep them happy while on board, ensure that their surrounding remains kind and appreciative of their efforts. You may raise the stakes to get their best performance, but it should be a friendly competition among each other constantly. A mentally draining work environment could translate to physical stress, which may crack up significant issues in your employees’ health and your organisation.

Comfortable but not too much

As much as it is an employer’s job to keep the workers’ comfortable, they should also learn to draw the line between what’s right and what’s over. You do not feed your employees too much comfort that they could almost sleep on their tasks. Instead, you keep them well-tended to inspire them to get work done. There is a considerable difference between the two and complacency is the keyword. You create an ideal workplace to motivate your employees to turn in productive outputs and not teach them to go easy on their jobs. If you continue to do so, they can sometimes become too lazy to lift their heads from the desk.

Discomfort is a significant distraction, and comfort is a necessity. To make your office function smartly, you must reduce the distraction and increase the comfort perks your workers enjoy. But remember to provide just the right amount of physical and mental comfort to help them function effectively in their job posts.


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