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Your no.1 customer is out there: but how can you find them?

Identifying your number one customer has a whole host of benefits. No matter if you’re hoping to develop a high-value client base, or even wondering how to get more customer reviews, knowing the traits of your ideal client will help you improve all areas of your brand strategy.

With that in mind, here are four useful ways to get started on finding your perfect customer.

Analyse current clients

The best way to start identifying your number one customer is to take a look at your existing client base, as it contains useful information on the average age, location, and interests of those who already know and love your brand.

Understanding who is most likely to be drawn to your brand is vital for pinning down that all-important ideal customer, and you may even want to carry out some extra market research in order to gain as much insightful data as possible.

In fact, making the most of your analytics can be a huge advantage. Asking clients how they heard about you, about other brands they considered, or even checking which websites they visited after yours will provide you with detailed quantitative data that can inform your outline of your ideal client and their interests.

Once you’ve got a sense of your current client base and the qualities of your ideal customer, you’ll be able to use your analysis to develop a clear target audience, and then tailor your promotions and brand messaging to that demographic. When you know exactly who you’re trying to attract, the marketing almost does itself!

Understand the customer journey

Once you’ve analysed your client base, it’s important to also understand how they interact with your brand. By following the customer journey, you’ll be able to see which aspects of a client’s experience most draw them to your brand, so you can better understand what your top customers are looking for.

The simplest way to understand how customers interact with your company is to create a customer journey map, which allows you to visualise how a client moves from first hearing about your brand, to doing more research, to finally purchasing a product or service.

Your finished map will not only tell you more about how to transform potential clients into loyal customers but will help you identify any sticking points in the process and discover which aspects of your marketing or storefront strategy attract the most people.

You’ll also be able to determine the exact point when clients decide to choose your brand, telling you more about your ideal customer’s wants and needs. Not only this, but a customer journey map makes it easy to determine a high-priority client’s purchasing habits, so you’ll be able to predict when they may repurchase, and why.

Decide your goals

When trying to discover your number one customer, you should always stay clear on your own brand aspirations. If you aren’t decided on your company image and future plans, it will be harder to identify the type of customer you’re trying to attract.

Not only this, but if your goals aren’t defined, it will be more difficult to communicate them to potential customers. Unclear brand messaging will make it less likely that you reach the right customers and can mean a client’s journey with you is less enjoyable.

Instead, try to cultivate a strong brand image, which can be referenced in all promotional material and client communication. Incorporating your brand goals in unexpected ways can actually be more advantageous; for example, writing an article about your company goals or initiatives can become a key part of your online exposure, and can draw in more clients who are genuinely interested in learning more about what you do.

Remember, customers who identify with your image and enjoy the experience you provide are much more likely to review and recommend your company – therefore, attracting more like-minded clients, and increasing the value of your customer base – so don’t be afraid to refine your brand goals.

Remember the customer’s perspective

Understanding more about your customers from an analytical viewpoint is incredibly useful, but it’s vital you stay in tune with your customers’ perspectives, too.

Customers are much more likely to choose brands they can identify with, so taking the time to understand their requirements – and demonstrating that you can account for them – will make it far easier to attract clients who truly love your brand.

Begin by understanding what your brand represents to clients, and what motivates them to seek your products out. You might even decide to work with a client focus group, in order to understand more about their brand perception, and even ask for suggestions on delivering customer-oriented service. Then you may want to use your findings to refine key aspects of your business that see the most customer interaction, ensuring you cater for a variety of needs.

Keeping your customers’ perspectives at the heart of what you do will ensure you always stay ahead of their requirements, and consistently exceed their expectations.

The bottom line

Ultimately, when trying to identify and attract your number one customer, it’s important to use a well-rounded approach. Therefore, utilising analytics and journey mapping in addition to redefining company goals and understanding your customers’ perspectives will make it much easier to identify not only who your ideal clients are, but why they identify with your brand, and what their intentions are when choosing you.

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