Wednesday - December 06,2023
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Return to the basics of cooking, cakes & grilling

Keep your area clean when cooking is a task in itself. My husband always laughs at math after I finish baking. Here are some useful ways to increase messengers in the first place. Use a bowl for your scrap and garbage when you save your time running into the trash can you make you more efficient. Using flexible thin mats for your cutting board makes the transfer of vegetables into your pan easier, by using a flexible mat as a funnel.

Getting the habit of using the Splatter screen when sauting or shallow frying will save a lot of time on your cleaning later. Measuring ingredients and using cooking sprays above the sink will keep the chaos limited in the area that is easy to clean. Keeping a bottle of water soap guide makes it more likely to clean up when you go will be part of your cooking habits. Another tip is slower cooking. Be intentional in measuring, cut and wipe between each step. But this is one tip that I often don’t follow my own advice, often trying to do many tasks at a time.

With spring around the corner, what time is better than to take stock of what is in your kitchen. Consolidation and set and note what you can get. It is also the right time to check the expiration date and throw away anything expiration. Make a list of items that you can create in your kitchen that will help make eating quickly without much planning. It’s also the right time to add the family’s favorite.

Now you have your kitchen all set it is the time to distract you into the fridge. Don’t be afraid of the bowl behind that has been forgotten for weeks. It is the right time to check the spices with compoad just around the corner.

With everything that is clean and organized and winter is still here, the comfortable food is the way to go. The pan soup on the stove with a grilled cheese sandwich or soup on Crockpot is a way to go. With spring not too far, get the recipes and start planning fresh salads and garden vegetables. You will be amazed how time and cleaning will be and the fun of cooking, baking and baking will not be a difficult task but a lot of pleasure puts love in all recipes for family and friends.

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