Tuesday - December 05,2023
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Top tips to help you cook like top chefs

Everyone wants to improve their cooking skills today. So, if you are looking for ways to make your food better, better and more interesting, read for some top cooking tips.

If you want a barbecue, make sure you set the grill properly before. Your coal light is about 30 minutes before you start cooking because it takes a long time for coals ready. The right time to start baking is when a hot coal is medium and covered with ashes.

If you make a salsa first and don’t expect it to eat immediately, make sure you rinse and dry raw onion well. This will help remove the sulfur gas which is turned off by all raw onions, which will vice versa will damage your salsa.

Experiment with spices and using different sauces is a great way to change the taste of your favorite food. Combining old favorites with new tasting sauce can make a new classic! And new materials and spices can be easily found in ethnic stores.

Never add wine into your plate unless you have tasted it before and know that it will complete the help of the dish you made. Add unknown wine is a quick way to damage your dish!

How many people do you know who have old age spices and herbs in their closets? Spices and herbs don’t last forever! Of course they must be stored in a cool and dark place to preserve their taste but if you have them for more than a year, they feel they will disappear. Discard them and buy a new one!

If you have turkeys, remember to save the rest of the food. They can be added to pies, salads or sandwiches and make a very tasty snack, low fat! If you don’t want to use it immediately, freeze it. They freeze very well!

If you want delicious soup and stew, make your own stock! Simply save grilled chicken dinner bones, add some vegetables, leaves, and slow debates for a few hours! The stock is delicious and can be used immediately. Freeze over the tray of ice cubes so that it will be in a comfortable portion when you next need it.

If you need to cook for a large number of people, or confronted with Thanksgiving dinner for in-laws, don’t stress. Prepare as much as you can before. Get all the ingredients that are not cooled from the closet. Make sure you have all baking, trays, pans etc. that you will need and repeat your timing so you are all ready to go on the day itself.

Always let the grilled meat and rest poultry for a while before putting it on the table to be carved. The time can be anything for up to half an hour for turkeys. Resting allows meat to “relax” and allow the juice to flow back into the meat, making it juier and it is better than the meat that does not rest.

When cooking, remember not everyone likes spicy food! Try dishes with minimum hot spices and then leave them on the table to add themselves according to taste. This is especially true for salt, pepper, cayenne, garlic and chili powder.

Unless you are a vegetarian, use chicken stock to cook your vegetables. This will make the dishes better and add valuable nutrients too! It makes mashed potatoes beautiful! You can easily make your own chicken stock, but it’s easy to find in your local store if you don’t want to.

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