Tuesday - December 05,2023
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Is it possible to cook lobster humanely?

People who love lobsters are often faced with questions when they cook lobster themselves.

Do lobster be cooked humanely?
Can lobster be cooked humanely?
Most of the chef agreed that the best succulent lobster lived upon when cooking began. It makes lobster one of the few foods in our modern modern world we will buy alive and need to kill to cook. Like all problems there are two very different sides for this problem. Some people feel that to get the best taste of lobster you have to cook it. Others feel that doing it is inhuman and cruel.

Lobster can’t talk so we really don’t know what they feel or think when they are thrown into a boiling water pan. But I think that the truth lies somewhere between two extremes. The fact is that the lobster falls into boiling water will struggle and even scream for about a minute. This can be very annoying for the first time to be a lobster cooking chef.

Lobster Purists claim that movement is just a reflex action, that lobster does not have a central nervous system or cerebral cortex so that it cannot feel pain. Advocates of animal rights say the fact that lobster struggled to prove that it felt pain. This position may be caused more by our own natural empathy than the fact but why do you take the opportunity that we cause pain?

Many chefs began to suggest that lobster feel sick or not, the fact that he struggled meant that he emphasized lobster, the possibility of lowering meat. The more chefs suggest a middle ground where lobster quickly and humons are killed for a moment before the actual cooking. There are several methods that are completed.

One way is to put lobster into the freezer for one hour before cooking. Others are to plunge a knife straight behind the eyes. One third is cooling the lobster for a short time in the freezer, then put it on it, quickly cut the lobster into two throughout. After all this, the lobster is placed in boiling water for cooking.

But the fourth way is to put lobster in a cold water skillet and gradually heat it boiling. It should be desensitize lobster to the heat. Concerns with this type are you may accidentally overcome lobster. So this gives you a choice, you can cook lobster directly into the pot method, or try one of the more humane ways described above. Thats your choice.

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